In the most recent installment of "The Adventures of MegaBitch" we find our hero strapped to the unforgiving cold steel remains of a once comfortable chair.  Will his testicles survive Sir's beatings or will our hero end up pissing himself?  The villain gives our hero a chance to reprieve himself but will the pressure be too much?


Sir Pan gives big dick bitch #08022013 the iron welcome with his nightstick after a cavity search thorough enough to even make the TSA uncomfortable. Down on the cold tile the bitch is made to deep throat and choke on Sir's cock. The bitch is left on the floor, begging for Sir's load. Getting comfortable after Sir leaves the room may not advisable as it gives him an excuse to show your balls hell.


Sir Pan straps the prisoner to a wooden chair in the middle of a dark room.  There are no questions that follow though, just a thorough beating.  And the whiny bitch complaining that his balls hurt.


Sir Pan starts the prisoner off with a really rough beating, till the prisoner shakes all over and begs for it to stop. Sir Pan very nicely offers the prisoner a chance to cum, but the little bitch can't blow his load in time. And then Sir Pan locks him in a chastity device. Bummer.


The prisoner has been real good, because Sir Pan rewards him by pissing all over him.  Sir Pan traps the prisoner between an anal hook and some nipple clamps and leaves him on his tiptoes to moan in pain.  At last Sir Pan jerks the prisoner off until he cums, crying in pain the whole time.


Sir Pan leads the prisoner into the wet room and straps him to a gurney, ass exposed.  He leaks precum everywhere as a giant dong gets shoved up his butt.  When Sir Pan leaves the room he's so horny and desperate he rides the dong and moans.  Finally Sir Pan locks him in chastity and the prisoner can't stop whining about not getting to cum.


Puppy brings the prisoner into the wet room and hog ties him 4 feet off the floor.  His ass hole is perfectly exposed as Puppy begins the beating.  Even between floggers and a whip, the stupid prisoner can't keep his hands off his dick.  A final lashing, where the weakling starts to cry, will maybe teach him his lessons.


Sir Pan tests out his new piece of gear, a custom made 7'6" diameter rotating steel octagon on Prisoner #12282010. The Prisoner is suspended by chain to the octagon and fucked with while being inverted several times - strapped in painfully by heavy steel chain. Eventually Sir Pan allows the Prisoner to cum while inverted and he blows a huge load all over his own face. 


Puppy begins by tieing the slave to two points of chain from the wet room ceiling, then claws up the slave's body.  Puppy then uses various impact implements on the slave's ass before jerking and torturing the slave's cock and balls with his hands.  


Sir Pan cuffs Prisoner 06232013 to an overhead suspension bar in the wetroom and proceeds to shock the prisoners cock and balls to remind the prisoner of his place. Sir Pan shoves a butt plug up the prisoners ass and orders the prisoner to hold it in, when the plug falls to the floor the prisoner is punished for his negligence... After all of the CBT and ass play is over with Sir Pan is kind enough to wash the prisoners ass and cock clean - with high pressure cold water.


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