Sir Pan restrains the Prisoner to the Spider Web and starts to harshly punch, flog and shock the Prisoner who yells in pain.
The Prisoner is then ordered to his knees where he is hit in his balls quite hard until he fully submits and sucks Sir Pans baton. The Prisoner is then allowed to jack-off and cum as a reward for his total submission.


Leaking pre-cum for the entire scene Prisoner #05212013 is bound to the comfy chair in the wetroom with cuffs and chain. Sir Pan spends the scene pushing the Prisoner with harsh electro right to his cock. At times the power is audio activated and the prisoner is ordered to count, his cock throbbing and jumping with every jolt....


Prisoner #05212013 has been up to all sorts of fun whilst he's been inside the  Iron Lock Up.  From being pissed on in the pit to some rather thrilling CBT.  Here are his holiday snaps to remember his time with us!


After some CBT and choking Prisoner #12282010 is ordered to jack off Sir Pan in the cell until Sir Pan blows a massive load all over the Prisoner and his cell. 
Sir Pan then pins the Prisoner's neck against the cell bars and requires the prisoner to jack himself off until he cums with a huge load shooting across the prison hall.


Sir Pan chains Prisoner #12282010 spread eagle to the trough urinal and wall starts in on some CBT. Sir Pan then adds a harsh heavy steel ball crusher to the Prisoner's ball sac and pulls it to the wall with heavy chain. Watch the Prisoner squirm as he helplessly tries to ease the pain in his balls.


Chained between the cells prisoner #09022012 takes a dragons tail to the balls followed by play with some electro toys!  This clip is filled with some amazing screams and squirming!


Sir has some new toys and he is very eager to use them. This makes the inmate a little bossy which isn’t particularly wise so early in the scene.  The inmate is then made to service Sir’s cock. 


Instead of releasing the prisoner Sir Pan escorts him into the wet room and chains him to the comfortable chair.  Having his balls stuffed in the ball crusher makes the prisoner's cock hard.  The e-stim on his balls just makes him harder, then the prisoner is required to edge himself while Sir Pan stands by to watch.


Sir Pan chains a straight-jacket-wearing prisoner to the spider web and the prisoner's cock goes rock hard.  He writhes as Sir Pan slowly introduces new toys.  The prisoner is left, head covered, with no idea what to expect, until Sir Pan returns and moves him to the center of the room.  What will happen next?


Sir Pan chains the prisoner to the bed then fucks him with his baton, through the cell bars.  Sir changes the prisoner's position so he can get a better hold on his cock, then resumes fucking him.  Between the chains and the fucking, prisoner #12282010 is clearly in ecstasy. 


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