Naked and blindfolded, prisoner #12282010 is chained inside a cell.  His prick gets hard immediately but he is made to wait.  Finally Sir Pan returns and rewards him with some cbt, not once but twice.  Then he eagerly deep-throats Sir's nightstick. 


After having his ass thoroughly warmed up prisoner #12282010 is fucked by Sir’s nightstick and then takes a massive dong.  Sir is sure to reward the boy’s good behavior with CBT.


Prisoner #12282010 returns only this time he finds himself chained up in the wet room.  He deep throats Sir’s night stick and then take it up his tight asshole. 


The psychological journey for prisoner #12282010 is almost at it’s end.  Balls stretched, nipples tweaked and groin shocked this scene takes a turn towards masturbation however only if the prisoner can reach his dick without pulling his balls off.


The mischief and instigation continues with the puppy strapped to the gurney with electrodes around his cock and balls.  He is ordered to jack off and Sir decides he may be breathing a little too much.


Bitch #09172011 discovers a new kind of challenge in the wet room.  Not only is he partially suspended but he is subjected to the sting of Puppy’s bite.


One of our more bizarre fantasies has somehow manifested itself in this long iron restraint scene.  Our favorite bottom finds himself still chained to the urinal with his balls in a clamp and his nipples being pinched and stretched.  Someone once told me that if you slapped a boys balls enough he will cum… apparently it’s true.


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