Welcome to the comfortable chair, perhaps we could improve it by adding some cold chains?  Our guest wilted a bit when Sir toyed with his nipples so he was made to edge himself again (let’s pray he controls himself better this time), after getting a little choked up Sir decides to toy with his ass a little.


Prisoner #01082012 writhes and cries out as Sir Pan shocks his balls.  Being chained in the comfortable chair doesn't help.  Then he is requested to jack off for Sir Pan.  The prisoner is left to anticipate his fate in the comfortable chair, then locked in a jail cell for the night, stark naked.


Finally the prisoner is allowed to eat something, but the handcuffs aren't coming off.  Next Sir Pan chains the prisoner to the comfortable chair in the wet room.  A light beating and some electro play round out the entertainment, with the prisoner blindfolded for extra fun.


Prisoner #12182011 was being boring so Sir thought he could liven him up with some cbt.  Seeing as the prisoner is unable to get hard Sir decides to give him some baton attention up his ass and offers him a pint of Sir’s piss.


In this dual intake scene prisoners #12122010 and #12282010 receive a cavity search and #12202010 takes cbt while #12122010 gives Sir head.  Sir cums into the bitch’s hungry mouth.  Sir then gives permission to sub #12202010 to masturbate onto his inmate.


There's some of everything in this intake scene.  Sir Pan escorts prisoner #09052011 into the wet room, checks his cock size then starts off with some flogging.  When the prisoner starts growling it's time for some alone time in the comfortable chair, followed by some electro play and CBT.  After all that fun, the prisoner has to clean the wet room naked and cold.


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