Long-term Confinement


Surrounded by smut, dressed in a restrictive football jock and locked up for days in the same cold cell can make a man's hand wander.  After some reluctance his hand wanders and the nun shaming act begins one heathen stroke at a time.


The night has been long and restless, the chastity device is doing nothing to discourage any attempt at getting off.  As his solitude wears on the prisoner explores double penetration fantasies with the not-so-modest dildos left in his cell.  


Having been worked up on the available porn left in the prison our frustrated bitch finds himself working to hunting for any drop of pleasure alotted by his steel chastity device.  His balls are strained and the barely accessible tip of his cock does little but draw a pathetic stream of precum.  Eventually desperation overtakes him and the real war between him and his chastity ensues.  No, we won't be telling you who wins...


Being locked up makes the prisoner non-stop horny.  He squats on the bed and lowers himself down onto a giant black dong.  That doesn't do it for him, so he tries every position possible inside his cell.  And after all that he doesn't even bother to cum.  The prisoner takes a piss then inserts his still hard dick back into his jock.


Sir Pan locks the prisoner in a chastity cage and an isolation hood, then very nicely gives him permission to jerk off.  The prisoner fumbles his way around the cell searching for a condom and lube.  He lowers himself onto a giant black dong and tries a host of positions, yet still ends the scene frustrated with an enormously hard cock.


The Prisoner wakes up in the middle of the night with a raging hard-on and jacks-off with pathetic speed.
He cums all over the cot and lays back down in his cum to fall back asleep.


The prisoner is sound asleep until he apparently is woken up by an uncontrollable need to jerk off.  He tries out all sorts of positions before finishing on his back with his dick in the air for all to see. He cleans up like a good bitch by eating his cum then rolls over and goes back to sleep.


The prisoner has been reduced to pissing and shitting in plain view of the cameras, all sense of privacy is gone.  Apparently the pathetic little shit is turned on by this, because he spends the next 30 minutes jacking off.  He alternates between showing off his dick and hiding under the blankets, until Sir Pan comes in, chains him to the wall, and gives him a little taste of things to come.


Sir Pan has given the prisoner permission to cum, if only he can figure out how, seeing as how his dick is still locked up.  The prisoner tries everything he can think of - shoving fingers into the chastity cage, humping his mattress like a dog, and then jerking off under the sheets like a guilty catholic teenager.    


Jesus Christ, the little pervert can't stop jerking off. And it seems the guy has gotten so used to degredation that he can't get off any other way. He strips naked and holds his body against the cold metal cell bars and jerks off. Then he gets on hands and knees and shoves some fingers up his butt. To top it off, he eats his own cum, moaning all the while.


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