Long-term Confinement


Chained between the cells prisoner #09022012 takes a dragons tail to the balls followed by play with some electro toys!  This clip is filled with some amazing screams and squirming!


Chained at the neck, wrists and ankles, prisoner #12282010 is zipped inside a body bag.  This confinement is intense. At long last the prisoner's cock is exposed and he is rewarded with a quick ball squeezing.


Naked and blindfolded, prisoner #12282010 is chained inside a cell.  His prick gets hard immediately but he is made to wait.  Finally Sir Pan returns and rewards him with some cbt, not once but twice.  Then he eagerly deep-throats Sir's nightstick. 


The puppy doesn’t seem to realize that he can’t bite Sir with his muzzle on…guess he's going to have to stay in the chain bondage harness for now.


The psychological journey for prisoner #12282010 is almost at it’s end.  Balls stretched, nipples tweaked and groin shocked this scene takes a turn towards masturbation however only if the prisoner can reach his dick without pulling his balls off.


For prisoner #12282010 being chained up between the cells in the prison is a practically out of body experience as he is left in total isolation, senses cut off from the outside world.  All he knows is the pinch of the chains and the cold rough concrete scratching at his back.


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