Long-term Confinement


After a nice strip search, inmate #01082011 is chained to the wall and punched in his cock.  Then he is left in silence with no idea what will happen next, still chained up with cold steel.


Prisoner #12182011 was being boring so Sir thought he could liven him up with some cbt.  Seeing as the prisoner is unable to get hard Sir decides to give him some baton attention up his ass and offers him a pint of Sir’s piss.


After being required to wear a large butt plug prisoner #12122010 is required to take a massive dong.  The bitch is then required to suck Sir’s cock in preparation for a primal fucking.  


Prisoner #12122010 gets his mouth fucked by Sir, drinks piss, gets hard fucked, ass plugged and is left horny and alone in the wet room without permission to cum.


In a continuation of one of the longest isolation scenes on Iron Lockup prisoner #11042011’s world is nothing more than darkness, the cold of the chains, and the sting of Sir’s baton.  Released to cell 1 the prisoner is left to his own devices.


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