Long-term Confinement


Confined together in cell 1 Prisoners #12122010 and #12282010 are given the rare privilege to play with themselves and get off and, of course, prisoner #12122010 wastes no time getting started in using this rare freedom.  He masturbates viciously and then fucks himself with a large dong.  It doesn’t take prisoner #12282010 to join in the fun. 


Prisoner #09172011 is back for more fun, he has his nipples seen to, is punched and pissed on, chained to the bars and bunk, and fucked by Sir’s baton.


Confined to the pit and covered in piss, prisoner #09102011 can’t seem to keep his hands off his rock hard dick.  Puppy stops by briefly to add more piss to the mix.  Sir finishes this inmate off with a nice hose down.


After having chained prisoner #09102011 to the wall Sir gives his balls a warm welcome with his boot, the inmate is then left alone, chained to the abrasive brick wall.


Humoring the short bitch’s fantasies, Sir administers a piss enema and proceeds to fuck the bitch on the bars.  Once again the bitch is left in cell 1 cold and saturated with fresh piss.


Locked in the pit with a gas mask on the prisoner prepares to get pissed on.  He fondles his tiny dick, so small it's impossible to tell when it gets hard!  Later Sir Pan chains him to the wall in the wet room then requires him to sleep in the cell still wearing his gas mask!


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