This is all about pissing 


In it's cell, it pissed itself, it blamed it on it's cage.  It cleans it's hole out, it cleans it well, it does this whenever it's told.  It cleans it's skin, it polished it's cock, and now it's off to bed.


In the most recent installment of "The Adventures of MegaBitch" we find our hero strapped to the unforgiving cold steel remains of a once comfortable chair.  Will his testicles survive Sir's beatings or will our hero end up pissing himself?  The villain gives our hero a chance to reprieve himself but will the pressure be too much?


The prisoner has been real good, because Sir Pan rewards him by pissing all over him.  Sir Pan traps the prisoner between an anal hook and some nipple clamps and leaves him on his tiptoes to moan in pain.  At last Sir Pan jerks the prisoner off until he cums, crying in pain the whole time.


The prisoner has been reduced to pissing and shitting in plain view of the cameras, all sense of privacy is gone.  Apparently the pathetic little shit is turned on by this, because he spends the next 30 minutes jacking off.  He alternates between showing off his dick and hiding under the blankets, until Sir Pan comes in, chains him to the wall, and gives him a little taste of things to come.


The prisoner is locked up in jail, and there isn't anything to do.  Apparently this doesn't stop him from being a horny little bastard.  Despite the beatings he endured it appears that sleep is mostly far from his mind.  It also looks like he hasn't learned that much restraint, he still cums in pathetically short amount of time.


The Puppy has gotten bored with the prisoner and locks him up in the cell.  He wakes up in the middle of the night and looks toward the prison door, hoping to be let out.  Wimp.  But his dick is hard and he starts jerking off.  All it takes is the feel of cold steel and he blows his load after barely a minute.  Good thing he's a bottom, because he sure wouldn't make much of a top.


The Puppy decided to allow the prisoner to jerk off in his cell.  The pathetic little bitch can barely last two minutes before blowing his load all over his sheets.  But that doesn't stop him from working his still hard cock.  Guess he shouldn't have gotten off so fast.  And after that really exhausting workout, the prisoner goes to sleep for the night - with his head under the blankets.  Maybe he's scared of the dark?  What a pussy.


This scene is a compilation of short clips recorded over a 72 hour lockup period of Prisoner #06232013. The clips include Sir Pan pissing on the prisoner, the prisoner pissing - many times, the prisoner edging himself, the prisoner humping his cot while reading porn and finally the prisoner humping his cot until he cums at the end of his confinement (after being given permission to cum by Sir Pan).


Prisoner #06232013 is left to his own devices in his cell after a hard scene. After pissing the horny little bitch crams a large dong up his ass and and jacks off quite quickly. Shortly after cumming the prisoner pisses again and decides to look over the porn he found in his cell, it is not long before the bitch is jacking off again but he lasts a little longer before cumming again while listing to another scene taking place in the dungeon.


A new prisoner is welcomed to the facility with a full cavity search by Sir Pan as he goes through intake. The Prisoner is then pissed on in the pit where he is left to edge himself and cool down until removed by Sir Pan and placed in his cell to await the next scene and consider what he has gotten himself into.


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