This is all about pissing 


In a continuation of one of the longest isolation scenes on Iron Lockup prisoner #11042011’s world is nothing more than darkness, the cold of the chains, and the sting of Sir’s baton.  Released to cell 1 the prisoner is left to his own devices.


Prisoner #10162011 is chained on all fours to the urinal and made to wait till Sir decides to fuck him with his nightstick.  The prisoner is allowed to jerk off and then is made to lick Sir’s boot.  Feeling that the prisoner is thoroughly dirty, Sir gives him a quick hose down and orders him to clean the wet room.


Sir moves the prisoner into the pit and pisses on him, ordering him to edge himself but not to cum.  He is then moved to the wet room where he is chained, the prisoner complains and Sir reminds him that he was not supposed to piss in the toilet during his stay but did twice in the night.  


Prisoner #10162011 is locked into cell one and is made to eat like a dog.  His only solace is the porn magazine he finds and he comforts himself through masturbation. 


Still chained to the wall prisoner #10162011 fights the urge to piss without permission and the drain just across from him isn’t helping either.  Sir offers relief under the condition that the prisoner pisses on himself.  Deciding that the prisoner is not wet enough Sir also pisses on the prisoner.  Thoroughly soaked the prisoner is required to work out for Sir’s enjoyment.


Prisoner #09172011 is back for more fun, he has his nipples seen to, is punched and pissed on, chained to the bars and bunk, and fucked by Sir’s baton.


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