This is all about pissing 


Confined to the pit and covered in piss, prisoner #09102011 can’t seem to keep his hands off his rock hard dick.  Puppy stops by briefly to add more piss to the mix.  Sir finishes this inmate off with a nice hose down.


After having chained prisoner #09102011 to the wall Sir gives his balls a warm welcome with his boot, the inmate is then left alone, chained to the abrasive brick wall.


Humoring the short bitch’s fantasies, Sir administers a piss enema and proceeds to fuck the bitch on the bars.  Once again the bitch is left in cell 1 cold and saturated with fresh piss.


The short bitch is escorted to cell 1 where he is made to endure his stay wet with piss.  The bitch is permitted to fuck himself with a large dong but is not permitted to cum.


Prison intake.  Two inmates are inspected then the small one is required to lie down in the cold urinal and take Sir’s piss.  After a cavity search they are locked into cell 1 together.  The small one then searches for a place to put his dildo and finds the emergency escape hatch a perfect spot and proceeds to fuck himself.


Meat tenderizing says it all.  Sir Pan handcuffs the prisoner on a long chain in the wet room and handles him all over.  The prisoner can move around the room but he is at the mercy of Sir Pan's hands.


The prisoner is locked in a jail cell where he masturbates to pass the time.  He even finds a dirty old magazine somewhere to wank to.  And somehow he squeezes some piss out of his hardon too.


Prisoner #12122010 is locked in the pit wearing only a gas mask.  Sir Pan is up there somewhere pissing on him, and the prisoner sure seems to like it.  Watch for him tweaking his nipples in pleasure.


It's party time at Sir Pan's house and prisoner #12122010 is locked in the pit.  Watch him get pissed on by everybody and see how much he likes it.


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